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The Yorkshire Playhouse Returns to Wonderland

Mark you calendars for June 22-25, 2017!  This is sure to be a show you won’t want to miss!

The Yorkshire Playhouse Children’s Theatre program has been a beloved part of the community for the past sixteen years, with this year being the seventeenth.  This year’s show will be a reprisal of the first children’s theatre show performed at the playhouse, Alice in Wonderland.  John I Baker III, the director, has chosen to write the script that will be used for this year’s show.  When choosing the first children’s theatre show all those years ago, John chose to do Alice in Wonderland because he knew that this famous story would be a great choice with which to start the program.  By looking at the facts, this choice has shown to have been one of the best he could have made.  The program, now in its seventeenth year, has touched the lives of many children who have been involved and the people who have enjoyed the magic of theatre over the years.

Cast of the 1st Yorkshire Playhouse Children's Theatre

From Left to Right: The Madhatter: Nathan White, Alice: Samantha (Romans) Oberg, The March Hare: Brittni (Ellis) Clark, and The Doormouse: Courtney A. (Baker) Kinnison

Alice in Wonderland is a story with which John is very familiar.  This will be the fifth time John has directed a version of this show. When picking the next story John would write a script for, it only seemed natural that he would choose to go with Alice in Wonderland not only for his familiarity with it but also for his love of the imagination that is involved with the story and how creative he can be with it. When asked what would be different from the script that was performed sixteen years ago, John said that the audience might be surprised at how closely the script would follow the book, while including some elements from the second book, Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass.  For those of you wondering if the Pig will be making an appearance in the show, you bet he will!  It won’t be a Children’s Theatre performance without him!  The Pig will be reprising his role as the Duchess’s baby, just as he did almost seventeen years ago.  As John said, he would never recast the part with another pig; after all, they can be so temperamental!

The rest of the play, on the other hand, has yet to be cast! Which is why the Yorkshire Playhouse is excited to announce open auditions for Children's Theatre May 1st, 2nd, 3rd -from 3:30PM - 6PM  and May 6th from 1PM - 3PM. Want to know more about auditions, including how to sign up for auditions? Click the link below!