Shelving Drive


Shelving Drive

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On January 31, due to the extreme cold temperatures our sprinkler system froze up and burst multiple sprinkler heads. The water flooded though the ceiling and the walls above and throughout our main restrooms, went through the wall into our auditorium before making its way down to our basement. In addition, a copper pipe broke in our basement pouring water and flooding more than 3/4 of our basement with up to four inches of water. Our basement is where we store most of our props and furniture. During the cleanup, mold was discovered in the ceiling of the basement, which means we will lose a significant amount of our furniture and some props.

Our community has come together in so many ways to help out in our time of need. The Clean-up Process has begun. One need that we have discovered is that we need to get new shelving and storage totes to store our small props. There are three types of items that we are needing as soon as possible to aid with the cleanup and reorganizing of props:

15 - Shelves (cost approx. $50.00 each) - $750

20 - 3 Drawer Totes (cost approx. $15.00 each) - $300

20 - Clear Plastic Totes (cost approx. $5.00 each) - $100

You can find all these items at Walmart or simply donate here, and we will pick them up. We appreciate your help! We continue to rise above the difficult circumstances that the flood created and hope, with your help, to at the end of this have an even better storage space for our props.

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Interested in picking up these items yourself? Here’s a few pictures to show you what we are needing. If you have any questions or to arrange a time to drop off items, email Thank you!!