We are excited to announce a much-needed Capital Campaign for YOUR playhouse! Over the next few months we will begin the process of renovating parts of the facility to make your experience of attending a production more enjoyable.

We will be:

  • Adding a new wooden floor to the theater. This will allow a lot more creativity for our directors to build sets. Soon we will be able to nail flats directly to the floor and be able to produce more usable sets.
  • Enhancing our Light and Sound booth. By having more access to expanded sound and lights, our productions will be noticeably more dynamic and imaginative.
  • Replacing our heating and air with an energy efficient system will allow the Playhouse to keep our actors, volunteers and audience much more comfortable year-long.
  • Renovating our lobby will be the most visible part of the campaign. We will have new furniture, new box office, new carpet, new paint and electronic signage throughout the main floor.

As you can imagine, we are very excited about this campaign! We will work on the projects in between productions so you won't miss a thing. We hope you will consider making a donation towards the Campaign to make your Playhouse the best it can be!