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Busybody (week 2)

Directed by: Emily Petersen

Directed by: Emily Petersen

Performance Dates:

  • September 28 - 30 7:30 pm

  • October 1 2:00 pm

  • October 5 - 7 7:30 pm

  • October 8 2:00 pm

She might just be the cleaning lady, but don’t remind her! When a man is murdered in her building, she reports the crime to the police, who arrive just in time to discover the body is missing! When the dead man turns up alive the police are sure the cleaning woman is more than a little screwy. Not to be deterred, she’s determined to find the evidence herself.

Will this Busybody stumble onto the evidence and solve the case before the killer gets away? Will the evidence stay put long enough for the police to believe her? You’ll laugh at the crazy antics of this woman and the exasperated police, as she solves the mystery—her own way. Crack the case this fall at the Yorkshire Playhouse!

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