Cast List For "Queen Zixi of Ix, or the Story of the Magic Cloak"

Congratulations to the young actors who were cast in "Queen Zixi of Ix, or the Story of the Magic Cloak."

Queen Lulea – queen of the sprites Lily Shafer
Sprite 1 – Whitley Homolka 
Sprite 2 -- Jenna Fuehrer 
Sprite 3 Elisabeth Bunyard
Espa – a sprite Erin Case 
Ereol – a sprite Lauren Thomas 
Man in the Moon Samantha Bunyard 
Tullydub—the chief counselor Ethan Milleson 
Tollydob—the lord high general Quentin Spencer 
Tillydib—the lord high purse-bearer Ella Wikins 
Tallydab—the lord high steward Clare Wilton 
Tellydeb—the lord high executioner Alex Reetz 
Jikki—the king’s valet Daniel Freitas 
Princess Fluff (Margaret) Sarah Anderson 
King Bud (Timothy) Riley Nigh 
Aunt Rivette Hannah Anderson 
Soldier of Noland #1 Bridget Yamber 
Soldier of Noland #2 Kennedy Cool 
Merchant Trinidi Rice 
Old Bagger Clara Booth
Lame Woman Mckinlee Legg 
Bart the old man – villager Trey Bunyard 
Betsy – villager Wynema Stracener 
Woman in the crowd Emory Flynt
Venerable Old Man Dakota Brown 
Runaway Boy Austin Dye 
Fat Old Woman Skylar Cardenas 
Thin Old Woman Julie Tremaine 
Cow Cameron Turner 
Donkey Addison Legg 
Half A Dozen Servants Grace Uhler 
Half A Dozen Servants Emma Uhler 
Half A Dozen Servants Claire Uhler 
Half A Dozen Servants Jordyn Harms 
Half A Dozen Servants Hannah Doremus 
Half A Dozen Servants Olivia Linhart 
Ruffles the Talking Dog Issac Reetz 
Creditor 1 Megan DeHart 
Creditor 2 Audrey Mohorn 
Creditor 3 Atleigh Hirschfeld 
Queen Zixi Kathleen Esser 
General Lexi Will Wilton 
Counselor Rexi Paige Thomas 
Quavo the minstrel Gracie Booth 
Ix Soldier 1 Jessica Fuehrer 
Ix Soldier 2 Raima Kreifels 
Jesstea – Fluff’s maid Lily Otte 
Resstea – Fluff’s maid Ariana Cardenas 
Alligator Erin Case
Owl Julie Tremaine 
Ruler of the Roly-Rogues Mara Coates 
Rodger Roly-Rogue Lewis Hendriks 
Rachel Roly-Rogue Logan Ericson 
Roly-Rogue 1 Elisabeth Bunyard 
Roly-Rogue 2 Cameron Turner
Roly-Rogue 3 Addison Legg
Roly-Rogue 4 Claira Booth 
Roly-rogue 5 Tenley Williamson 
Roly-Rogue 6 Jordyn Harms 
Shepardess Ava Goodwin
Dame Dingle Lily Shafer 
Nancy Nink Whitley Homolka
Betsy Barx Jenna Fuehrer 
Sally Sog Emory Flynt 
Miller’s Wife Skyler Cardenas 
Sailor—the Miller’s son Phoenix Brown 
Zixi’s Magic Imp 1 Phoenix Brown 
Zixi Magic Imp 2 Jainey Rinehart-Carroll 
Villager Kale Jones 
Villager Maelynn Ericson 
Villager Jainey Rinehart-Carroll 
Villager Ava Goodwin 
Villager Allie Colburn