2017 Season

Madwoman of Chaillot - Directed by: Karla Ott

The wealthy, elite businessmen of Paris have a plan to extract the oil which they believe lies beneath the streets of Paris regardless of the consequences to the poor who live there.  Countess Aurelia plans to stand in their way. It’s a fable, mixed up with a farce, with a healthy helping of reason, and more than its fair share of madness. Watch a Madwoman and her crazy cast of friends do what we all wish we could in one of the most humorous and relevant plays ever written.  Guaranteed to make you laugh till you cry. You won’t want to miss the Madwoman of Challiot!

Circle Mirror Transformation - Directed by: Mitchell Roush

Don’t let the name confuse you. Named for an Acting game, the play is the story of four people who enroll in a six week acting class and are transformed by the interactions that occur there.  Marty, the instructor, together with her husband James, a recently divorced Schultz, a former actress Teresa, and a quiet high school student named Lauren, act their way to an intimate understanding of themselves. Part drama, part comedy—this play is about the beautifully imperfect lives of its five characters. Come fall in love with these authentic characters as you watch their lives come full circle, mirrored in the acting games in which they participate.  

The Importance of Being Earnest - Directed by: C. Danielle Deal

It may be the most famous comedy of all time, which is why it has stood the test of time. The plot centers around a case of mistaken identity, manufactured by two men both claiming to be, you guessed it, Earnest! You’ll laugh along as the men try to keep up the charade, while their opposing interests and love lives threaten to undo the whole thing. Who will end up marrying whom? And who exactly is Earnest? Don’t miss the Yorkshire Playhouse’s new rendition of an old favorite that begs and answers the frivolous question: “What’s in a name?”

Busybody - Directed by: Emily Petersen

She might just be the cleaning lady, but don’t remind her! When a man is murdered in her building, she reports the crime to the police, who arrive just in time to discover the body is missing! When the dead man turns up alive, the police are sure the cleaning woman is more than a little screwy. But not detoured, she’s determined to find the evidence herself. Will the evidence stay put long enough for the police to believe her? You’ll laugh at the crazy antics of this woman and the exasperated police, as she solves the mystery—her own way.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas - Directed by: Judy Andrews

It’s Christmas time! But for the Ingalls family, life looks bleak. When Laura is asked to act as a companion to Mrs Starr, she’s excited to be the midst of finery. However, when she overhears Mrs Starr offer to adopt her, Laura begins to worry that Ma and Pa will actually give her up. Would that be best for the family? Telling the story of one Christmas from the “missing” years, not chronicled in the books. This poignant and moving story of hope, healing, and family is swept along through dialogue, humor, and period songs. Join the Ingalls family in celebrating Christmas at the Yorkshire Playhouse!

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