War, Comedy, Love, and Mice?

War, Comedy, Love, and Mice? The Mouse that Roared has all of that and more. When the Duchy of Grand Fenwick’s economy is threatened by the United States, they decide to do the most logical and reasonable action available to them - declare War! See what happens when a country whose main weapon is the longbow goes up against the military might of The United States.  The outcome will surprise you!  (To put the size of Grand Fenwick in perspective, it is a little smaller than York in population and area!) 

This play has a lively cast of characters from a bumbling park ranger, the President of the United States and Secretary of State, scheming ministers, a pomegranate loving Duchess, an overprotective general and his two WACS who just want to transfer, and an unusual variety of field mouse. Come enjoy a journey that ranges from the forests and throne room of Grand Fenwick to New York City and the Oval Office. This play is a fun romp that shows both the medieval and modern worlds colliding. Come witness a war fought over… wine? It is a laugh for all ages and a funny view of the politics of war and the United States. You never know where this play will go next, it will keep surprising you at every turn. Now what are you waiting for?!  Come buy tickets to the battle of the century - Grand Fenwick vs. the United States. This play is the bomb, literally! Box office tickets are open every weeknight from now till the end of the show from 5 to 7 pm.

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