"The Boys Next Door" Can Sweep You Up in a Whirlwind of Emotions

The Boys Next Door is a play that can sweep you up in a whirlwind of emotions. This sometimes comedic, sometimes dramatic play can make you laugh as well as provide you with a look into the lives of four mentally handicapped individuals.

The play takes place in Boston where these men live under the caring, yet overworked and tired Jack (played by Caleb Clark) watching over them as their social worker. The play follows Jack and the daily lives of his charges over a two-month-long period, as they live as members of society.  Norman (played by Bob Sautter) works at a doughnut shop where he is unable to resist the pull of the pastries. He loves his bundle of keys (even though they do not unlock anything in particular) and has a crush on another mentally handicapped individual named Sheila (played by C. Danielle Deal). Lucien P. Smith (played by Jameson Trauger) has the mental ability of a toddler but has big dreams and many challenges to face.  Barry (played by Ben Krekel) has visions of being a pro golfer (his lack of clubs won't hinder him) and is brilliant despite his schizophrenia. Barry also brags about the many great qualities of his father Mr. Klemper (played by Don Keelan-White), but when he stops by for his first ever visit we realize all is not as it seems. Lastly, the Ringleader of the group, Arnold (played by Fred Hess), tries the hardest to fit in with society, but with that very society taking advantage of his OCD and talkative tendencies he may just move to Russia.

This play, while humorous, has some very powerful moments pertaining to the nature of life for mentally handicapped individuals. This moving play directed by John Baker and assistant directed by Courtney Kinnison premieres this week at the Yorkshire Playhouse.

Written by Quentin Spencer.

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