"The Producers" Will Keep You Laughing

The Producers is a fun play within a play that will keep you laughing at every turn. The play follows Producer Max Bialystock (played by Aaron Rhodebeck) who used to produce hit after hit!  Now, he is lucky if his shows make it past opening night. He tries to capitalize on his misfortune by using a "scheme" proposed by his accountant, Leo Bloom (played by Cameron Pfeifer). The neurotic accountant's plan is to raise an exorbitant amount of funds - more than the show needs - and make sure the show is so bad that it closes opening night. This would allow Max and Leo to split the show's leftover money, making them millionaires!  They choose to produce a musical called “Springtime for Hitler” written by escaped Nazi, Franz Liebkind (played by Jameson Trauger). To direct this mess of a musical, they hire the eccentric and flamboyant director, Roger DeBris (played by Josh Kountz). To top this off, they cast the Swedish actress, Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-hallen Svaden-Swanson (played by Hannah Hotovy) in the production, before auditions even begin! The show is sure to flop, right? This fabulous show about a washed-up director trying to make a bad musical is a hilarious romp that will have you rolling in the aisles! 

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