Letter Regarding Upcoming Annual Meeting

Dear Members:

Spring is here, and it’s time for our Yorkshire Playhouse Annual Meeting. Join us at 7PM on Tuesday, May 9th as we review and celebrate a year of creating community and art through live theatre, and begin looking forward to and making plans for another great year at the Yorkshire Playhouse.

At our annual meeting, we will, of course, be electing new Members to our Board of Directors. This year we have received nominations for four individuals who are leaders in our theatrical community: John I Baker, III, Kathy Epp, Theresa Christiansen, and Danielle Berry-Massey. You probably recognize all these names from the various roles in which they regularly participate around the Playhouse, both on and off-stage, but click here for bio information about each of them.

This year, the Playhouse Board has decided to make our early voting system more efficient and environmentally conscientious, so we will not be mailing out ballots to our Members. While we strongly encourage Members to attend our May 9th meeting, we will still be providing you with an opportunity to vote early. As most of you will, no doubt, be attending our spring production, “Circle Mirror Transformation,” we have set up a voting booth in the lobby. This voting booth will be open beginning during all our regular Box Office hours. On show nights, it will close 15 minutes before the Production begins. So, come see the show and cast your vote for new Board Members!

If you are unable to attend both the Annual Meeting or our current production, you may request a ballot via email to yorktheater@gmail.com, which must be mailed back and received by the Playhouse before May 9th to be counted.

As you may remember, we are also coming up on the one year mark since we launched our Capitol Campaign. We are extremely excited to announce that, thanks to recent generous donations by Lucianne Reichert and the York Community Foundation, we have raised $52,000 of our $75,000 goal. That’s right! The Next Stage is now just over 80% funded. As we move into this new year, we hope to raise the rest of our goal quickly so we can make all the necessary renovations to our 17-year-old facility. We will be applying the money currently raised toward improvements over the summer. In fact, this process has already begun.

When you attend our show over the next two weeks, you will notice a new stage floor! This strikingly beautiful and equally efficient upgrade to our theatrical space is creating quite a buzz amongst our Board Members, Directors, and Actors, and rightfully so! This simple but extraordinary upgrade to our playing space was made possible by a gift from Lucianne Reichert in honor of Bob Reichert. We will be hosting a Floor Dedication during our upcoming show on Sunday, April 30th. Please come see the show, honor Bob and Lucianne’s contributions to our theatre over the years, and pause to enjoy a piece of cake afterwards.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to our campaign, we would not be where we are without each and every one of you! We’ve created so many memories in this building for the actors, volunteers, and audience members and with your help we will be able to continue to make new ones for years to come.

I believe the Yorkshire Playhouse should continue to create a tradition of honoring and celebrating our history while encouraging new artistic talent and embracing creativity. And in that spirit, I hope to see you all at “Circle Mirror Transformation.” It truly is a fantastic show with phenomenal acting and directing. To miss it, will be to have missed out.

We have so many exciting upcoming events at the Yorkshire Playhouse, that I cannot contain them all in this letter, but that’s why we have the upcoming Annual Meeting! So, come--participate!


C. Danielle Deal

President of the Yorkshire Playhouse Board of Directors

517 N Lincoln Ave, York, NE 68467