Inside Look: The Dixie Swim Club


The Dixie Swim Club is an endearing story about life-long friendships between five women that met in college and culminates in the final scene when they are in their 70’s. It is a lightweight examination of a group of southern women who meet every August in a beachfront house in the outer banks of North Carolina where they spend their days and nights sharing everything close friends do, including stories about love, children, hope, loss, doubt, disappointments and regrets.

In many ways, The Dixie Swim Club mirrors such great productions as “Steel Magnolias” or the popular television show, “Golden Girls”. Under the direction of Karla Fillman the characters include Sheree, the team captain and organized go-getter; Lexie, the southern belle who is always in pursuit of staying perpetually young; Jeri Neal, the innocent, naive and always kind nun; Vernadette, who brings comedic relief from the tragedies that always seem to befall her; and Dinah, the wise-cracking workaholic who enjoys the “occasional cocktail”.

Together the ladies entertain themselves with topics ranging from multiple marriages to multiple surgeries, the birth of children and grandchildren and the unfortunate fates that only time can bring.


The ladies will make you laugh until your sides hurt, and at the same time maybe make you shed a tear or two. You won’t want to miss this celebration of friendship, laughter and love that lifetime friendships can do. With a talented cast and amazing script, you are guaranteed to not be disappointed!

Written by Cast Member, Tee Christiansen