To Membership, or not to Membership...

...that is the question.

A Yorkshire Playhouse membership is more than something to brag about to your friends (although that’s definitely a perk.) It is the perfect augmentation to any arts lovers’ life.

You might need a Yorkshire Playhouse Membership if…

  1. You already attend one or more shows at the Playhouse each year.

  2. You have a desire to see Playhouse productions, but it doesn’t always fit your budget.

  3. You bring family or friends to the shows.

If you already attend a show or two a year, purchasing a membership could mean big savings for you. An individual membership costs just $50 until the end of the year, which gets you 5 tickets--a ticket to each season show--for just $10 a ticket. After January first you can still purchase a membership and the price only goes up to $65 ($12.50 per ticket.) It’s hard to argue with the numbers, this means significant savings for you all year! If you find it doesn’t always fit your budget to attend, this is the best way you can fix that. All your tickets are purchased at once, and at the lowest price available.

Good news if you like to treat family and friends to an evening of theatre! Your membership tickets can be used for anyone, not just yourself. So if you purchase an individual membership and have 5 tickets for the year, you can go ahead and bring some folks along when you see “Wait Until Dark” in February! So, you do it. You and your parents enjoy a thrilling night of theatre and you’ve used 3 of your membership tickets. But then April rolls around, it’s time for “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike,” and your parents ask if you three are going again, but you only have two of your membership tickets left! Not to worry. Every additional ticket you purchase through the entire year is locked in at the $12.50 membership price! So when Uncle Fred and Aunt June want to come to “The Musical of Musicals” in July, you can get their tickets at the membership price, too. Your niece desperately wants to see “The Dixie Swim Club” in September? Not a problem! Even when all of your extended family wants to see “The Game’s Afoot: Holmes for the Holidays” in December, you’ve got it covered because you’re a Yorkshire Playhouse Member.