"Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" Overview

No family is perfect...
We argue; we fight.
We even stop talking to each other at times.
But in the end family is family....
The love will always be there.
— Author Unknown

Vanya, Sonia, and Masha are family. The three siblings are now in their Fifties and living their own lives…well, sort of.  

Sonia and Vanya have spent a great deal of their adult lives taking care of their aging parents, who have now passed away, but neither Vanya or Sonia have moved out of their parent’s house or on with their own lives. They’re stuck, quite literally, watching the scenery out their sunroom window.

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Their most constant and neurotic companion is their psychic cleaning lady, Cassandra, who is constantly prophesying about things that may or may not happen, despite the fact that she has been frequently asked to just say “Good morning.”

Older sister, Masha, on the other hand, has lived the glamorous and unfulfilling life of a movie star. She’s been all over the world, but now she is returning home to visit her brother and sister and bringing with her a much, much, much younger man-child named Spike, who’s claim-to-fame is that he was once almost cast in a role on HBO.


Vanya and Sonia’s quiet lives are put on hold as they find themselves swept up in the elaborate schemes of their dynamic older sister, which include going to a costume party dress as characters from Snow White…oh, and selling the house, which she owns, based on the advice of someone named Hootie Pie.

Having seen (via binoculars from the neighbor’s house) Masha arrive at the house, fan-girl and aspiring actress wannabe, Nina, arrives on the scene to complete the cast of characters.

Over a long weekend of hilarious antics by Spike, with the help of Cassandra’s incessant prophecies and interference, and through the unknowingly wise words of the constantly cheerful Nina, the three siblings sort through what it means to be family, as they finally face their fears, speak and listen to each other for the first time in years, and discover that it is only by coming together they each can find the love they’ve all been missing.