YPPC One-Act Gives Back


In late March our friend and long time Playhouse volunteer and Board Member, John Baker, had surgery to replace a valve in his heart. Things seemed to be going well, but five weeks after his surgery, complications arose causing him to need surgery again. John is on the mend, but recovery is a long process. The family is making a lot of trips to Lincoln to the hospital and there are, of course, other expenses that come up in this type of situation.

John has given a lot to the Playhouse over the years, and he was absolutely instrumental in getting the YPPC completion going. In fact, it was his idea, his plan that was fleshed out into the performances that will be taking place this weekend.

2018 YPPC Winning Shows:

Winner: The Funeral by Don Keelan-White

Runner-up: Painting Lavender by Mitchell Roush

Performances: May 17-18 @ 7:30PM, doors open at 7PM.

The Yorkshire Playhouse is a community playhouse. John's our community; the Baker clan is our family. So, we'd like to give back.

A portion of every ticket sold for this weekend's YPPC One-Acts and all money donated during refreshments will go to helping the Bakers.

Please, come down and see the shows, written and directed by local playwrights, May 17-18! These powerful performances are a theatrical experience you won't want to miss! And as an added bonus, know that your purchase will help the Bakers, as well.