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Circle, Mirror, Transformation (week 2)

Directed by Mitchell Roush

Directed by Mitchell Roush

  • April 27 - 29 7:30 pm

  • April 30 2:00


  • May 4 - 6 7:30 pm

  • May 7 2:00 pm

Don’t let the name confuse you. Named for an Acting game, the play is the story of four people who enroll in a six week acting class and are transformed by the interactions that occur there. Marty, the instructor, together with her husband James, a recently divorced Schultz, a former actress Teresa, and a quiet high school student named Lauren, act their way to an intimate understanding of themselves. Part drama, part comedy—this play is about the beautifully imperfect lives of its five characters. Come fall in love with these authentic characters as you watch their lives come full circle, mirrored in the acting games in which they participate. You won't want to miss the award winning show with a funny name--Circle, Mirror, Transformation.