The Boys Are Back...Again!

There’s something special about the story of The Boys Next Door - written by Tom Griffin - that’s tugged on the hearts of Fred Hess and Bob Sautter, two familiar faces around the Yorkshire Playhouse. So special, in fact, that the upcoming production will be the third time the actors will take the Playhouse stage in the roles of Arnold Wiggins and Norman Bulansky. I sat down with Hess and Sautter to talk about their return to these roles.

The story: Arnold, Norman, Lucien, and Barry are four adult men with various mental disabilities living together in a group home. The four take the audience on a journey through snapshots of their lives - the highs and the lows.

The Boys Next Door has had a lasting impact on Hess and Sautter. The first time they were cast in this production was 1993. The second, four years later, in 1997. “It’s my favorite part,” says Sautter. “When Fred and I email or text back and forth, it’s always a line or two from the play.” Hess agrees, adding that they’re both incredibly in tune with their characters after all this time. “The first thing I say when I talk to him is ‘My name is Arnold Wiggins,’” he says, as Sautter chimes in to finish the line, “I repeat, I repeat.”

It is obvious from my conversation with the two seasoned actors that the characters of this story have formed a deep bond between them, both onstage and off. “It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to somebody that you’ve known for that long,” says Hess.

Previously, the two performed this script at the now-closed American Legion Club, once with standard staging and once in the round. There are challenges each time, they tell me, while laughing about line memorization. Different directors expect different things, and all have given them new things to think about. “It’s a challenge for us, I think, to let our characters grow. They’re older for us - you say the same words, but they’ve evolved over 23 years.”

Hess and Sautter have changed a lot in the past two decades, but the purpose of the story they’re telling has not. “This show gives you a greater appreciation for the caretakers of people with developmental disabilities,” says Sautter.

Hess adds that the show changed his view of people with various challenges. “Just the daily things that these men have to go through….they see things differently, and it gives you a better understanding of what it’s like.”

“They’re happy people. Very happy,” Sautter says. This statement strikes something in both men, and they fall momentarily silent.

As we wrap up our chat, it’s clear that these two are anxiously awaiting opening night. The story of The Boys Next Door is an important one, both touching and heartfelt. It’s clear that the reasons behind a third run-in with this story are not merely circumstantial. Instead, they are too numerous to be counted. The boys have touched the lives of Fred Hess and Bob Sautter, and it’s likely they’ll steal your heart, too.

The Boys Next Door will run May 5-8 and 12-15. Tickets are available now by visiting or by calling (402) 362-7060.

~ Written by Morgan Goracke

Morgan Goracke

Morgan Goracke, a recent graduate with a degree in Theatre Communications, has been involved in community theatre since the age of seven. She has experience in countless elements of theatre, but especially adores directing and stage management. Morgan lives in York with her cat Gizmo.

Board Member Elections

In May, the Yorkshire Playhouse will elect 5 individuals to the Board of Directors.  This is both a great honor and a great responsibility; the Board of Directors is responsible for keeping the Playhouse running, putting on great shows for our members, and shaping the direction that the Playhouse will go in the future. We have many members, directors, actors, crew members, and volunteers, all of whom depend on the Board to plan, to organize, and to make decisions for the good and well-being of the Playhouse.

We would like to ask those who are ready and willing to be a part of the important task of leading the Yorkshire Playhouse for the next three years to consider applying to run for election to the Board of Directors.

There are two documents attached at the bottom of this post: the first is a brief overview of the expectations and responsibilities of members of the Board, while the second is an application which will be considered by our nominating committee. We ask that all applications be turned in by April 3rd. We will be holding elections at the annual meeting on May 10th.

Board Expectation Document

Board Application

War, Comedy, Love, and Mice?

War, Comedy, Love, and Mice? The Mouse that Roared has all of that and more. When the Duchy of Grand Fenwick’s economy is threatened by the United States, they decide to do the most logical and reasonable action available to them - declare War! See what happens when a country whose main weapon is the longbow goes up against the military might of The United States.  The outcome will surprise you!  (To put the size of Grand Fenwick in perspective, it is a little smaller than York in population and area!) 

This play has a lively cast of characters from a bumbling park ranger, the President of the United States and Secretary of State, scheming ministers, a pomegranate loving Duchess, an overprotective general and his two WACS who just want to transfer, and an unusual variety of field mouse. Come enjoy a journey that ranges from the forests and throne room of Grand Fenwick to New York City and the Oval Office. This play is a fun romp that shows both the medieval and modern worlds colliding. Come witness a war fought over… wine? It is a laugh for all ages and a funny view of the politics of war and the United States. You never know where this play will go next, it will keep surprising you at every turn. Now what are you waiting for?!  Come buy tickets to the battle of the century - Grand Fenwick vs. the United States. This play is the bomb, literally! Box office tickets are open every weeknight from now till the end of the show from 5 to 7 pm.

Click here to purchase tickets.

"The Mouse that Roared" Cast List

The Yorkshire Playhouse is proud to announce the cast of "The Mouse that Roared." 

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!    

D. Benter …..................................................Aaron Rhodebeck

Pam, WAC Debbie...............................................Anne Thomas

Mr Beston...............................................................Ben Krekel

1st Soldier, 2nd Radio Announcer.......................Chris Riedmann

Ann, Miss Wilkins, Fran, 1st Student.....................Clare Wilton

Jane, WAC Jill, Miss Johnson,

Woman on the Street....................................Courtney Kinnson

Gloriana the Twelfth.........................................Emily Petersen

Assistant, 3rd Soldier.............................................Jett Spencer

General Snippet...................................................Larry A. Deal

Professor Kokintz.......................................Melody K. Coehoorn

Norma, Professor Smith, Mrs Reiner,

Woman on the Street......................................Morgan Goracke

President, Mrs. Bascom.........................................Patty Yount

Tully Bascom..................................................Quentin Spencer

Countess Mountjoy...............................................Kelle Widger

Will, Page, Stan..................................................William Wilton

Assistant Director...............................................Matt Spencer

We are looking for Directors!

For the last 43 years, the goal of the Yorkshire Playhouse has been to bring stories to life for the community. We are a non-profit community theater run exclusively by volunteers. Currently, we are looking for people interested in Directing, Assistant Directing, and Producing our shows during the 2016 Season.

This year the Yorkshire Playhouse is putting on the following shows:

Directors bring to life the story inside a script; what we want to know is:

What story would YOU tell with this script?

What theme, vision, or experience do you want to portray with this show?

How would YOU tell the story?

What would you like to do with the setting, costuming, casting, technical design, or even theatrical presentation style to tell this story to the audience?

If you are interested in any of these shows, please email Holly Spencer (, and include a short bio of yourself (including past experience in theater), and what show(s) you would be interested in working on. Also, include brief answers to those two questions: what story would you tell with this script, and how would you tell the story. Please send a separate email about each show for which you would like to be considered. (Note: The Director for The Mouse that Roared has already been selected.)

The deadline for applications is January 1, 2016, we will inform everyone of our choice of directors sometime in January. if you would like to see a script, or have any questions, please, email Holly Spencer. Thank you all for your interest, and we look forward to a another year working with wonderful and talented people.

2016 Season Letter

Dear Playhouse Members,

For the last 43 years, the goal of the Yorkshire Playhouse has been to bring stories to life for the community, and in 2016 we are excited to continue doing just that.  Entertainment has never been easier to find, thanks to cable television, movie theaters, and the beloved Netflix. As we were selecting the shows this year, we discussed the place that theater holds in our modern culture. This year, our goal is to remind the audience of the magic that comes from watching live people make a story real. There is something unique about being in a crowded theater, sharing an experience with the audience and the actors that can't be captured with 2 dimensional characters on a screen.

We have selected shows this year that most patrons will recognize as movies, because we want to show that live theater can tell these familiar stories in a new, different, and exciting way.  We have something for everyone this year: a movie made in the '50s that contains interesting social commentary; a show done at the Playhouse some years ago that still receives rave reviews; a musical so popular, it has been made into a film twice; a cult classic Christmas favorite cherished by all.  Additionally, we know that our community loves a good mystery - what better way to celebrate the 125th birthday of Agatha Christie than by producing her longest running play!

If you didn't notice, we've listed five plays—not four! This season, we are thrilled to announce that the Christmas show will now be part of the regular season.  A single membership will now include 5 tickets that can be used at any show (except for Children's Theater) throughout the year. These season tickets are also given seating priority and will give you the opportunity to purchase more tickets throughout the year at reduced prices.

In 2015, we saw the development of our brand new website, including new user-friendly ways to reserve and purchase tickets and beautiful photo galleries. We're thrilled that members, volunteers, and the public are able to take a look at photos from our season, browse updated volunteer opportunities, and even purchase and renew memberships. We appreciate your membership in the past and hope you will join us in 2016 as we work together to show our community the magic of live theater!

Aaron Rhodebeck
President, Board of Directors

You've Got This "Miracle on 34th Street: The Play" Cast

Directing can be described as stressful, terrifying, enlightening, insane and a never-ending panic attack.  It first starts with auditions.  When you have a cast as large as ours, you pray really hard that enough people show up to fill the 20-30 parts needed to make the show happen.  Courtney and I were completely thrown off guard when we had over twenty-five people at auditions the first night.  We ran out of scripts and audition forms, one of the best problems to have for a show.  We did the best we could with what we had.  Over two nights of auditions we had 39 people audition, an amazing turnout for the Yorkshire Playhouse.  It made our decisions for picking the cast difficult.

After auditions, the next major hurdle to cover is blocking.  For those that don’t know, blocking is when the director(s) assign entrances, exits, and movements on stage for the actors and actresses.  When I started blocking I thought it would be a quick process, but I soon learned that it is a never-ending process.  There’s only a couple weeks of practice left and we are still tweaking things to make them just right.

Directing has been a rewarding experience.  I’ve been so impressed with our cast.  Some of the kids had their lines memorized the first week of practice, others had their lines memorized two weeks before they were required to be off book.  That kind of dedication has made our job as directors much easier.  With only two weeks left, the nerves are really starting to kick in, but we know the hard work has been paying off and the show is looking great already.  Break a leg cast of “Miracle on 34th Street: The Play.”  You’ve got this!

~ Written by: Emily Petersen

 Courtney Kinnison and Emily Petersen ~ Co-Directors of "Miracle on 34th Street: The Play"

Courtney Kinnison and Emily Petersen ~ Co-Directors of "Miracle on 34th Street: The Play"

"Miracle on 34th Street: The Play" Cast List

Here is the "Miracle on 34th Street: The Play" cast list.

Doctor Pierce -Patty Yount
Kris Kringle -Leonard Krasser
Bay Lady/Duncan/3rd Pedestrian -Clare Wilton
Rich Person/Johnny’s Parent -Melody Coehoorn
Shellhammer -C. Danielle Deal
Doris Walker -Kelle Widger
Susan Walker -Lauren Thomas
Fred Gayley -Ben Krekel
Drunken Santa/Bloomingdale -Rodger Shields
Sawyer -John I Baker III
Macy -Daniel Freitas
Judge Harper -Judy Andrews
Finley/Foster Father -Quentin Spencer
Mara/Sharon’s Parent -Laesha Yeager
Halloran/Newscaster -Caleb Clark
Janet Mara Jr -Clara Booth
Al/1st Pedestrian -Bridget Yamber
Lou/2nd Pedestrian -William Wilton
Child #1 -Ava Goodwin
Child #2 -Brody Booth
Sharon -Megan DeHart
Johnny -Zander Madole
Dutch Girl -Alice Coehoorn
Megan -Annsley Vernon
Elf Z -Autumn Cardenas
Elf Q -Alex Reeves
Elf J -Logan Ericson
Elf R -Piper Fernau
Elf W -Jason Franklin

Q&As with Karla Ott, Director of "Leaving Iowa"

 Director Karla Ott

Director Karla Ott

What is Leaving Iowa about?
Leaving Iowa is the story of a guy taking his father's ashes back to his hometown, and during the trip he flashes back to old family vacations.  It's a touching story that everyone who has been in the back seat of a station wagon driving to exciting destinations like Hannibal, Missouri and stopping at vegetable stands and obscure museums along the way, will appreciate.

What is your favorite part about directing?  
My favorite part about directing is watching words on a page come to life.   I am always amazed at how actors, set builders, set painters, sound crew, costume people, can take a minimal sketch or a few words and all of a sudden we have created a whole new world to experience.

What is your favorite type of show to direct?
Boy, that's a tough one.  I like them all.  But I think I like best to direct shows that are a bit of a challenge, to the actors, technicians and audience.  I am always amazed at how resourceful and enthusiastic our community is, no matter what type of play we are doing.  An example would be Christmas Carol.  That show has been done a million different ways by a million different people, but you can't beat the basic, awesome script that makes you believe that no matter how rotten you are, you can change and be a better person.  Every year, I cherish that story for the hope of renewal, salvation, if you will.  Leaving Iowa is a bit like that as well...the remorse you feel for maybe what you said or did in the past, and how you have to come to grips with it...and making amends.

What is your favorite facet (directing, acting, building set, etc.) of a show, what do you like to do best?  
Man, another tough question!  I can't say that I love every part of set building, doing costumes, that kind of thing.   That is not my forte.  I guess I like to come up with the scheme and then let everyone else color in the lines and finish the picture.  I like acting, it's cool to be someone else for a while.  I kinda like the idea of knowing exactly how the conversation is going to go, every time.  But I guess I gotta say my favorite part is the background stuff, setting it up, and then letting everyone else take over.  

What is the most challenging part of directing the show?
The most challenging part of directing the show when you put all of the work into getting the best actors, in the right roles, having a killer set, awesome sound cues and lighting, wonderful costumes, and they all are learning their lines, and then you realize that, hey, we are going to have a great show here...does anybody know about it?  Are posters and programs and promotional things getting done?  Are we doing all this work to play to a half empty house because I didn't get around to let people know about it?  That is why I am so glad that you are doing the online stuff and we have a great crew out there promoting the show with posters and promotions.  That is another awesome part of our community.  The enthusiasm from our audiences is always wonderful.  I hope that everyone hears about the show and gets the opportunity to see it.

Why should people come to see this show, and what can they expect?
Wow.  People should come to see this show because we really do have an excellent cast...if you don't come for any other reason, come to see how amazing it is that, once again, we could not have more perfect people cast in each and every part in this play.  There are basically four actors playing the main four characters, and then we have ten other actors playing 22 different roles...ya gotta come just to see that.  And then while you're here, enjoy the rest of the show...  Oh, and if you come on Saturday Night, both Saturdays, we are going to have something extra special for the Intermission Refreshments, Root Beer Floats!  Yum!  But only on Saturday Nights!

I also need to put out a special thank you and congratulations for all your hard work to a few people!

I need to put out a shout out for my assistant director, Sue Curran.  She has been amazing for bouncing ideas off of, as well as helping with the set decorating and watching the script to make sure that the actors are learning their lines.   Diane Freitas has been the Costume Maven, (as well as loaning me her husband and son as actors.)  Eric Freitas and Matthew Spencer built the set (as well as being in the play!)  C. Danielle Deal worked her magic with the painting crew on the set (and being in the play also!)  Quintin Spencer and Dan Hecox are running the sound and light cues.  I hate to point people out because I know I'm going to miss somebody, and if I missed you, I am sorry, but know that I appreciate all of the work that everyone is doing!
     -Karla Ott

Vacation at the Playhouse with "Leaving Iowa"

 "yep, Jessie's funny"

"yep, Jessie's funny"

"Leaving Iowa" is a tale of two vacations. Don, a writer, has started to rediscover the roots of one of his old childhood memories, a trip with his family, along with the memories of his father along for the ride. The play goes to many different locations and you never know where it will head next. The cast of characters is a kooky, ever-changing ensemble that provides lots of laughs. From the past to the future, "Leaving Iowa" is literally fun for the whole family. Maybe through Don’s misadventures of memories you will recall that "one childhood vacation." The good the bad and the ugly all make and shape Don’s life. If you want to see slopes, one-handed farmers, the center of the USA, drunk hotel guests, and a crazy eclectic family, this has it all and more. So take a journey not only through Don's and his crazy family’s memories but also yours as Don leaves Iowa and heads to the landmarks of his past. See the changes in Don as you see the changes of the countryside. "Leaving Iowa" is a funny, sentimental show that will leave you laughing and reminiscing. Take a vacation down here to the playhouse and make some new memories.

Cast List for "Leaving Iowa"

Dad:  Eric Freitas
Mom: Maegan Detlefs
Don: Aaron Rhodebeck
Sis: Morgan Goracke
Bob, Fred: James Lawson
Judy, Amish Gal, Jamie: C. Danielle Deal
Uncle Phil, Jack Singer:  Matthew Miller
Aunt Phyllis, Grandma, Museum Lady, Drunk Lady: Kelle Widger
Fruit Cart Guy, Grandpa: Quinn Miller
Fruit Cart Gal, Shopper, Jessie: Kenna Miller
Cart Chaser: Daniel Freitas
Joe Hoefingers, Hotel Clerk: Matthew Spencer
Amish Guy, Wayne: Ben Krekel
Civil War Guy: A.J. Wharton

Come see us October 1!!

'Twas the Night Before Gigi

'Twas the night before Gigi
The start of week two
Please go get your tickets
There's nothing better to do

You see, Gigi's a girl
A young little lass
With a little bit of fun
And a whole lot of sass
She spends time with Mamita
And her pretentious aunt who
Is teaching her things
That a lady must do

There's Gaston and his uncle
Two very fine men
But watch out for Liane
She shows up now and then

There's singing and dancing
Beautiful dresses and such
And a nice flower man
That drinks a little too much

Does Gaston love Gigi
The poor lad does not know
If you want to find out 
You must come to the show

Two lawyers two ladies
Fancy dresses big hats
Aunt Alicia can be feisty
The lawyer may be scared of that

The townspeople gather 
At Maxim's for the night
The people, dresses, jewelry
Oh what a sight!

The cast has worked hard
They want you to see
The story brought to life
About a girl named Gigi

~ Written by Amy Hellerich

Shows are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm

Call the Yorkshire Playhouse 402.362.7060 or order online at

Gigi - Drama, Dancing, and Singing Galore

Paris is Paris Again

Drama, Dancing, and Singing galore will be coming soon to the Yorkshire Playhouse. Director, Kym Wallingford, is bringing a really fun, revamped rendition of the 1950’s classic, Gigi (played by Schuyler Hellerich). Gigi is born into a family of women who are courtesans to the French royal family.  When she comes of age she decides she does not want to live that life and goes on a journey of self discovery. Gigi is not the only one discovering new things; the Yorkshire Playhouse has gone all out for this production like none other. They have now implemented movable sets that can be rotated back and forth to add a whole new side of the story. That’s not all, Choreographer, Jodie Blase, has choreographed beautiful dance numbers for the cast which the audience is sure to enjoy. Also, providing piano accompaniment is Sandra Quiring. All of these new innovations may seem like they may cause trouble for the cast but they have mastered the challenges to put on a good show. If you do not believe me, come see for yourself! The cast of Gigi will be making an appearance at the York Farmers Market tomorrow. They will be performing a few pieces of the show and also there will be a selfie station where you can take pictures with props and backdrops of the show. If you miss the selfie station at the farmers market, we will have it again during showtime at the playhouse. So come one, come all to the musical and dance art piece that is Gigi.

Get tickets here!

~ Written by Quentin Spencer

Aunt Alicia and Mamita
Paris is Paris Again

Cast List for Gigi!


Here is the cast list for the our musical production of Gigi.

Gigi Schuyler Hellerich
Gaston Cameron Pfeifer
Honore Ben Krekel
Mamita Tisa Wharton
Aunt Alicia Kathy Epp
Liane D'Exelmans Gabrielle Siebnaler
Manuel Ethan Milleson
Maitre' Dufresne Todd Kirshenbaum
Maitre' Duclos TBD

Chorus (including various character parts)

Laesha Yeager, Bryce Carson (lead dancer), Emily Petersen (lead dancer), Ethan Milleson, Avery Fernau (lead dancer), Todd Kirshenbaum, Deidre Freitas

Cast List For "Queen Zixi of Ix, or the Story of the Magic Cloak"

Congratulations to the young actors who were cast in "Queen Zixi of Ix, or the Story of the Magic Cloak."

Queen Lulea – queen of the sprites Lily Shafer
Sprite 1 – Whitley Homolka 
Sprite 2 -- Jenna Fuehrer 
Sprite 3 Elisabeth Bunyard
Espa – a sprite Erin Case 
Ereol – a sprite Lauren Thomas 
Man in the Moon Samantha Bunyard 
Tullydub—the chief counselor Ethan Milleson 
Tollydob—the lord high general Quentin Spencer 
Tillydib—the lord high purse-bearer Ella Wikins 
Tallydab—the lord high steward Clare Wilton 
Tellydeb—the lord high executioner Alex Reetz 
Jikki—the king’s valet Daniel Freitas 
Princess Fluff (Margaret) Sarah Anderson 
King Bud (Timothy) Riley Nigh 
Aunt Rivette Hannah Anderson 
Soldier of Noland #1 Bridget Yamber 
Soldier of Noland #2 Kennedy Cool 
Merchant Trinidi Rice 
Old Bagger Clara Booth
Lame Woman Mckinlee Legg 
Bart the old man – villager Trey Bunyard 
Betsy – villager Wynema Stracener 
Woman in the crowd Emory Flynt
Venerable Old Man Dakota Brown 
Runaway Boy Austin Dye 
Fat Old Woman Skylar Cardenas 
Thin Old Woman Julie Tremaine 
Cow Cameron Turner 
Donkey Addison Legg 
Half A Dozen Servants Grace Uhler 
Half A Dozen Servants Emma Uhler 
Half A Dozen Servants Claire Uhler 
Half A Dozen Servants Jordyn Harms 
Half A Dozen Servants Hannah Doremus 
Half A Dozen Servants Olivia Linhart 
Ruffles the Talking Dog Issac Reetz 
Creditor 1 Megan DeHart 
Creditor 2 Audrey Mohorn 
Creditor 3 Atleigh Hirschfeld 
Queen Zixi Kathleen Esser 
General Lexi Will Wilton 
Counselor Rexi Paige Thomas 
Quavo the minstrel Gracie Booth 
Ix Soldier 1 Jessica Fuehrer 
Ix Soldier 2 Raima Kreifels 
Jesstea – Fluff’s maid Lily Otte 
Resstea – Fluff’s maid Ariana Cardenas 
Alligator Erin Case
Owl Julie Tremaine 
Ruler of the Roly-Rogues Mara Coates 
Rodger Roly-Rogue Lewis Hendriks 
Rachel Roly-Rogue Logan Ericson 
Roly-Rogue 1 Elisabeth Bunyard 
Roly-Rogue 2 Cameron Turner
Roly-Rogue 3 Addison Legg
Roly-Rogue 4 Claira Booth 
Roly-rogue 5 Tenley Williamson 
Roly-Rogue 6 Jordyn Harms 
Shepardess Ava Goodwin
Dame Dingle Lily Shafer 
Nancy Nink Whitley Homolka
Betsy Barx Jenna Fuehrer 
Sally Sog Emory Flynt 
Miller’s Wife Skyler Cardenas 
Sailor—the Miller’s son Phoenix Brown 
Zixi’s Magic Imp 1 Phoenix Brown 
Zixi Magic Imp 2 Jainey Rinehart-Carroll 
Villager Kale Jones 
Villager Maelynn Ericson 
Villager Jainey Rinehart-Carroll 
Villager Ava Goodwin 
Villager Allie Colburn


Yorkshire Playhouse Auditions for the 2015 Children's Theatre Production

Announcing Auditions for

The Yorkshire Playhouse Children’s Theatre

2015 Production of


Queen Zixi of Ix, or

The Story of the Magic Cloak

Directed By John I. Baker III

   Queen Zixi of Ix is adapted from L. Frank Baum’s (the creator of The Wizard of OZ) original children’s book.  In this fanciful      

   and charming tale a magic wishing cloak is spun and the fairies decide to give it to the first unhappy mortal – man, woman, or child – their emissary chances to meet. 

   Auditions will be held at the Yorkshire Playhouse on the following dates:  

    Wednesday, May 13 from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Thursday, May 14 from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

    Saturday, May 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon


  • Age requirements:  Minimum:  Children must have completed 1st grade and young adults through the completion of their junior year of high school.


  • Please call in advance for an audition time by calling the Yorkshire Playhouse at 402-362-3678 at these times:

     Monday        May 11      between   12:30-5:00 pm

     Tuesday        May 12      between   12:30-5:00 pm

     Wednesday   May 13      between   12:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. 

     Thursday      May 14      between   12:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. 

     Friday           May 15      between   12:30-5:00 pm


  • Please arrive 15-minutes before your scheduled audition time to fill out an audition form. 

  •  Walk in auditions are welcome, your child will be given the nearest time available.  

  There are roughly 40-50 parts in Queen Zixi of Ix.  Due to a limited number of roles in the production children are required to audition for a part in the production.  Each participant in The Yorkshire Playhouse Children's Theatre must pay a joining fee of $45.00 to be in the production.  The fee includes the production script, production T-shirt and two tickets for the production. 

Note: Fees are only paid by those who make the production.  Scholarships are available for families who cannot afford the fees

   Play Schedule:

            Rehearsals:  Begin Monday, June 1st from 8:30am to 11:30am

            Performances:  Thursday through Sunday, June 25, 26, and 27 at 7:00 p.m., and Sunday, June 28 at 2:00 p.m. 


  The aim of the Yorkshire Playhouse Children's Theatre is to teach children about theatre, performance skills, and to give the children of York County an enjoyable artistic experience.

 Last year's children's theatre production

Last year's children's theatre production